I love sharing art techniques and the use of different mediums to create meaningful artwork that reflects our deepest authenticity. I offer several Expressive Arts Workshops for adults, and Teaching Residencies for schools . 

Workshop Schedule:

If you would like more information on my workshops, would like to participate, or would like to have me teach one at your event space, you can email me at

Jeanne Fry Touch Drawing FacilitatorTouch Drawing

Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. All you do is touch paper that has been placed over a surface of paint. The resulting impressions are seen on the other side of the page. Lines flow directly from your fingertips. Once you have completed the painting and feel like you are turn the paper over to see your painting. 

The images are a visual record of your inner process. They reflect your personal journey in which your "inner face" is a core practice. You can create several drawings in a session, many times 30-40. 

Sessions are guided by music and voice, creating a relaxing and inspirting space for realizing your creative potential. This is an excellent method for writers and artists and people who feel they have a creative block. 

Finished pieces can be finished as Storyboards, Journal Pages, or Framed Paintings

Many people use this method in Art workshops, Spiritual workshops, or environments such as Hospice, Domestic Violence shelters, Cancer support, or other groups focused on Expression.


Touch Drawing Workshops

During the workshop we will focus on connecting with your Inner Muse and bridging the gap between your intuition and creativity. Students will create approximately 30-50 paintings. Depending on if the workshop is a One day or Two day, the longer workshop allows us to later add fine details with oil pastels and transform them into journal pages. 


Materials are included. I will have additional materials available at the workhop for purchase should you want to continue using this technique at home. I suggest all participants bring a smock or old shirt. 

If you have always wanted to experience Touch Drawing, you don't have to wait until my next scheduled workshop - we can create one just for you....








Schedule your Own Mini Touch Drawing Gathering with Jeanne Fry - Touch Drawing Facilitator 

If you are seeking a fun and soulful activity for you and a group of your girlfriends, Or for your women's group, we can create a Mini Touch Drawing Gathering just for you. 

I can offer you a Mini Touch Drawing Gathering for your group, with a minimum of 8 participants at $65 each. Materials are included, allowing you and your group to 

  • Learn about the beauty and benefits of Touch Drawing along with an initial demonstration by Jeanne
  • Have a Touch Drawing Session, creating 30-40 Drawings
  • Experience Sharing time, supportive of one another's creative processes

This mini gathering is approximately 3 1/2 - 4 hours. I spend time at the end of the workshop, explaining how you can further work with your drawings on your own, if desired, to transform into journals, detailing with oil pastels, making story boards, or matting and framing. [ We can also create a Part 2 of the Gathering, specifically for continuting the jourmey with your Drawings as described above, as an additional workshop with its own fees]

Schedule your Own Mini Touch Drawing Gatherings

I bring all of the supplies and materials needed. All you need is You, your Friends,your Creativity, the Space, and a Smock. 

These Mini Touch Drawing Gatherings are offered in the Upstate of SC and in Lower Western North Carolina (Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania, and Polk Counties) If over an hour drive for me, a small Gas Stipend will be charged. 

(My Gatherings are flexible, allowing us to create longer workshops with more intensives for Retreat like settings)





Creating your Own Medicine Doll

The art of creating your very own Medicine Doll is a sacred process that allows you to be interactive in your healing journey. It  lays the groundwork for Setting Intentions in your Growth as a Woman.

Each medicine doll is based from Cloth and Clay. The faces are hand sculpted using doll making clay. The process of your hands in the clay brings a grounding and serene feeling. The body of the doll involves hand stitching layers of fabric, giving it a flowing aspect that later becomes a canvas for embellishing your theme.

Materials are included for this workshop, but I do suggest bringing with you any special pieces you might want to add to give it your own unique flair. (i.e. beads, gemstones, quotes, fabric strip, ribbon, buttons, momentos)

The completed Medicine Doll then becomes a visual reminder of your beautiful Transitions. 

Cloth and Clay Spirit Doll by Jeanne Fry






















Shrine Art

The Shrine Art Workshop brings a wonderfully creative opportunity to design a piece of Art that holds your sacred treasures, tokens, or memories. Using various mixed media techniques (painting, collage, clay work, fiber art, and beading), we will transform a cigar box into a piece of fabulous meaningful Art. 

For the workshop, I ask that participants bring a cigar box and the focal they would like to use for the Shrine. Tobacco shops have splendid empty box offering, and will usually sell them to you for $1-$3. They will have all kinds of interesting wooden and cardboard boxes in various shpes. Your focal can be anything that is dear to you....a small statue, a ticket stub, a piece of poetry, an old button, a pressed flower... anything that is special to you, that you would like to be able to honor and cherish for years to come. 

ShrineWedding Vase ShrineShrine