Our Scars can be Beautiful - Goddess Mandala

Those scars that we acquire in life, the residues from trauma, they stay with us. But how they remain with us 5 years later are different than how they present 10 years later. The emotions attached can transform  as we heal and as we grow. As we move through the grieving and healing processes, our perceptions of our selves and our scars walk through the processes too. Until one day that wound that was horrific and painful can change into a beautiful scar that has helped to build your character and reminds you of how strong you really are. These thoughts are what I tried to portray in my recent painting "Our Scars can be Beautiful". In the painting I placed the scar on the Goddess's abdomen, yet it doesn't appear as a scar but just a part of her design. There are blooming petals surrounding her body, and all of the flowers and design in the mandala around her represent the healthy goodness that she now attracts with her experienced spirit.