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Celebrating Sisterhood

Have you noticed as we grow older how our holidays change? How they evolve into something different? When we are raising our families the holidays revolve around the kids, then as we get older and they get older the priorities shift and the celebrations change. Now older I found that some of those holidays weren't even really very important to me. As I have grown and changed, so have the things I want to celebrate. So, over time I have changed the things that I celebrate and how I celebrate. I have even found that I kind of create my own celebrations for the things I find important. Celebrating SIsterhood is one of them. 

Spring has found a new kind of importance to me. I put more emphasis on this time of "planting my garden", literally and metaphorically. I tend to spend my winters in a "quiet zone", doing so much inner work , self care, and thinking on the things that I want to manifest. Then after Spring arrives and the blooms begin to open, so does my spirit. I begin reaching back out to my Circle of Sisters, and find it to be a time of embracing and supporting each other as we are all planting the seeds we want to grow. And honestly, I think that our Circle of Sisters is absolutely so important in our lives, why shouldn't we celebrate it? I would love to have a holiday where we honor our Sisters, that have our backs on this journey, who listen and have a true understanding, who love you unconditionally......our Circle of Sisters, our Sister-Friends, our Cousins, our Mothers, our Grandmothers, our Aunties, our Daughters, our blend of chosen and blood family. 

So I decided to pick a little space of time within Spring, to offer a sale of my creations, for those of you who might feel the same and want to Celebrate your Circle of Sisters. The Art Sale is offering 30% Off most all of my Original Art, and runs from April 16th - April 19th. 

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