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Working with the Goddess Freyja

The Norse Goddess Freyja is known to be the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility,  Sex, War, and Magic....but she is so much more Complex and Powerful than that description. I've worked with Freyja for 12 years, and it has always been meaningful on so many levels.

Norse Goddess Freyja

Within the Love aspect, she not only oversees loving relationships, but most importantly she oversees the loving relationship you have with yourself. When working with her you can feel strong unconditional love from her. This feeling, this KNOWING, of being Loved so authentically inspires and teaches you how to value and love yourself.  This healthy Self Love encourages you to stand up for yourself and draw boundaries where they are needed. She doesn't support people lying to themselves or self sabotaging...she is a Realist knowing that the only way to truly be happy and succeed in life means that we need to be honest with ourselves so that we can heal and move forward. In essence, when you show up for yourself,  she will be standing by your side as your strongest ally. 

She is also a War Goddess. She is known to take half of the Souls (fallen in battle) from battlefields to the next realm -  her realm - a beautiful large meadow with a hall where music is continually played. Within the War aspect, she is a Defender. She's not a War deity that supports battle to offensively gain more and more power and control. She is in support of defending those who need defending. Her moral compass is strong and passionate. 

She harnesses great Magic and can See and Influence the Future. She assists in Spiritual Protection, like the powerful Defender that she is. She wears a cloak of Falcon feathers which allows her to shape-shift into a falcon when needed. I also believe that when she is riding in her Chariot that it pulled by the two lynx, that she can see through their eyes while journeying. Using Runes can be a wonderful way to communicate with her, as well as with Ceremony and Meditation. 

Symbolism associated with Freyja: Gold, Amber, Daisy, Poppy, Holly, Mugwort, Strawberries,  Sandalwood, Lynx, Cats, Falcon,  Boar, Apples, Honey, Mead, and Edible Flowers.