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Creating the Bride of Frankenstein Art Doll

One of my favorite movies when I was a young girl was "The Bride of Frankenstein "  I was enchanted by the Bride and sad that she didn't have a larger part. This past week I was inspired to create her as an OOAK Art Doll. 

I began by pulling up photos of Elsa Lanchester,  the actress who played her in the original movie, and I began sculpting her face. Face of Bride of Frankenstein Her hair was going to have to be the last thing created because I didn't want to be dressing her and pulling clothes over that hairdo. But this was also going to be a leap of faith that after creating an entire art doll that I would be able to craft her hair. I decided I would sew a tunic style dress like in the movie, but wanted to give her a lace cover over it for a more deservedly polished look. I gathered ivory sari ribbon for the bandages on her arms. 

The creative process surpassed my expectations.  I fell in love with making her, and then fell in love with her.  Now, the Bride of Frankenstein has been created for her OWN story and not as the sidekick of any monster.