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Goddess Wands - an Artful Spiritual Tool

Goddess Wands are a spiritual tool that can be used in a number of ways during prayer, meditation, and ceremony. Each one is an "OOAK" (an Original One of a Kind) piece. They can be used as a focal point in visual meditation. They can be placed with intention on a prayer altar, allowing their symbolism to be a part of the theme. Women have collected them for Sister Gatherings, and used them like a talking stick. Some of my Goddess Wands have had small bells attached and can be used as a light rattle. 

I began making them several years ago, primarily on a commission basis, but then my creative processes navigated into larger sculptures and other themes. Spiritually I have been called back to making them again, and I'm enjoying it even more. I will continue to offer them on a commission basis, but now will always try to keep a small collection of them here in my Indiemade shop. Each one is cleansed, sage and sweetgrass blessed, before shipping them to the collector. 

Crone Goddess Wand     Crone Goddess Wand