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Atlas Moth Symbolism

The Atlas Moth has a special place in my heart not only for its beauty but for its symbolism. Some say it was named after Atlas in Greek Mythology, who was deemed to hold the weight of the skies on his shoulders. Sometimes don't we all feel like that? Things can feel heavy with all of the literal, as well as perceived,  responsibilities on us. Moth medicine can teach us about camouflage - when to be seen and not - and the importance of discernment in who we show our vulnerability to. The energy of the Atlas Moth embodies Strenth and Perseverance. This is reinforced with the color symbolism of the shades of orange, known for passions and relationships. It can allow us to have better senses of who to surround ourselves with - who respects our highest good - who is safe in our world. 

I recently painted an Atlas Moth Mandala, and brought in Tiger Lily energy, bringing symbolism of Positivity and Abundance. This added to the symbolism of the Atlas Moth helps to realize beneficial components to crafting a rich, passion filled, and healthy life. 

Atlas Moth Mandala