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Pulling Back the Veil - a Look inside the new Mixed Media Painting of the Woman and the Crow

Folk Art Woman Painting"Pulling Back the Veil" - a look inside my Original Contemporary Folk Mixed Media Painting by Jeanne Fry. 

 The painting began with a piece of muslin and a quote stamp while spending time with my mother in her craft studio. I had come across one of her stamps that read "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction" by Antoinne de Saint Eaupery. I then found a stamp of a crow wearing a pair of glasses. It was then that this painting evolved.

We stamped the quote and the crow on a piece of heavy muslin and I began to paint around them. The woman came to life with the crow sitting on her shoulder, the quote on her heart. Acrylics with a textile medium filled the muslin in neutral colors of whites and beige, and brought contrast with her striking dark hair and blue eyes. 

I wanted to extend the theme and the quote, to not just focus on the "vision" of a romantic couple, but to a shared vision within all the relationships in one's life. I wanted to impress a motivation to look honestly at the people around you and how their energy influences your hgihtest good - a look at intergrity amongst those relationships and how healthy or not they are. With that, I decided that I wanted the painting to become a mixed media piece that spoke of "peeling layers" and "pulling back the veil" in order to remove illusion and gain clarity. 

Pulling Back the Veil the Story behind the Painting by Jeanne Fry

I created the textured background using gold mesh, handmade paper, and gel medium while mounting the muslin painting on a rigid canvas panel. 

The style of this painting is one of my favorites, complimenting a shabby chic decor, which I love. 










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