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Appreciation of this Beautiful Messy Life

Understanding that we are not victims that Life is happening TO but that we are delicate souls that Life is happening THROUGH, can greatly change our perspective. It helps in understanding the importance in seizing the moment... in passionately and fearlessly going on this wild ride...and appreciating our existence in this beautiful messy life. 

Using the symbolism of the Luna Moth, the Moonflower, and the Pansy creates this reminder on the canvas. 

The mysterious and magical Luna Moth has an extremely short lifespan,  a matter of days. She is meant to Be, to fly through life, eat, enjoy, love, reproduce,  and continue flying as she navigates toward Light. 

The Moonflower, in her mystical, feminine glory, helps to illuminate our way. 

And the Pansy reflects Love,  love in all senses and things. 

These thoughts and feelings are what I tried to being to the canvas.