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The Beginning of my "She Shall Overcome" sculpture series

I keep a notebook that is filled with all of the random inspirations that run through my mind. There are days when my Inner Muse is firing ideas and thoughts at me so fast that the only way to keep track of them is to put them in my notebook. (In actuality, it is a "sketchbook", but it is filled with just as many words as there are sketches. Since each of my creations is a journey of learning, growing, and transforming for Me, I call it my notebook. And Oh! the lessons that I walk through are vast.)                          

Work in Progress of Breast Cancer Survivor Sculpture by Jeanne Fry

 I continually go through it and rearrange, and often it is how I put together a series of work. The series that I have begun to work on now, "She Shall Overcome", has been a while in the thought-process until it finally layed itself out nicely between concept and creation. The theme is inspired by women who are in the process of overcoming or who have overcome a monumental challenge. Even more im

portantly the women have overcome these most difficult challenges and have not only retained their beautiful souls, but who are even more glowingly beautiful if that is possible. 

The challenges that these women faced had waged war on their bodies, minds, and souls. Healing was imperative on all levels in order to be victorious. Symbolically the battles were waged through all of the layers of their spirit, and so my creation of them is being done in an intriguing compliation of mixed media techniques. 

The first sculpted Art Doll that I am in the process of right now it titled "Reconstruction". It is a woman who has endured and defeated Breast Cancer. The portrayal of the sculpture is of her nude, showing her now one breast. She is beginning to get dressed, but more symbolically - she is putting the pieces of her Self back together now. It is her Reconstruction of her body, mind, and soul. And she does so strongly, lovingly, and gratefully, more than ever in her life. 

(This piece is being constructed of Clay, Muslin, and Burlap)

Work in Progress of Breast Cancer Survivor Art Doll by Jeanne Fry